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HP3000 Servers

Newcorp provides HP3000 hardware and software maintenance services to the majority of HP3000 users in the UK.

Many companies continue to use the HP3000/MPE platform to run key applications. Following HP’s end of support in 2010, Newcorp are committed to providing support for the platform and also provide server upgrades and resilience options.

With a large spares inventory all held locally and managed by local engineers, Newcorp provide exceptional support at a competitive cost.

In addition to this, Newcorp have a number of MPE/iX operating system experts that are able to offer software support for all versions of MPE/iX.

All HP3000 server models are supported, including the following:HP 3000

  • N-class servers
  • A-class servers
  • 99x servers (T class)
  • 9×9 servers (K class)
  • 9×8 servers (E class)
  • 9×7 servers

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